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The best way to assess your needs is by taking a complete inventory of all
your business property while determining it's total value. After so doing, you
may then decide whether or not it is worth insuring. Check to see that the
items on the inventory list are included in the basic business property policy
and if they are covered for the correct amount. It's important to find out
what your policy does and does not cover, and its limits and exclusions,
before you have an accident.

The following are common additional coverages for business property (although this
list is by no means all-inclusive).  You may click on each heading below for a more
detailed description:
Boiler and Machinery Insurance
Building Ordinance Coverage
Business Interruption Insurance
Commercial Crime Coverages
Debris Removal Coverage
Fidelity Bonds
Glass Coverage
Inland Marine Insurance
Loss of Lease Income or Value

Subsidence of Land or Difference In Conditions (DIC) coverage should also be
purchased- especially if your business is located in an area prone to natural disasters. This
type of insurance protects your business from losses due to earthquake or flood.
What types of property do I need to insure?
Your business may not possess all of the following types of property,
but you can use this checklist below to ensure that you have considered
all of the recommended property categories:
Buildings and other structures (owned or leased)
Furniture, equipment and supplies
Inventory and Retail Stock
Money and securities
Records of accounts receivable
Improvements and betterments you made to the premises (Tenants Improvements)
Machinery and Manufacturing Equipment
Data processing equipment and media (including computers)
Valuable papers, books and documents
Mobile property such as automobiles, trucks and construction equipment
Signs, fences, and other outdoor property not attached to a building
Intangible property (good will, trademarks, etc.)
Leased equipment
Understanding Liability Insurance
Your state's laws do not require you to carry liability insurance, but
doing so is unmistakably a good idea.

Different Types of General liability insurance can cover:
Premises and operations
Products and operations
Injury to customers
Vehicle accidents

Professional liability or Errors and Omissions insurance
In general, a Comprehensive General liability policy will not protect you against
claims arising from:
Contract nonperformance
Wrongful employee termination
Sexual harassment
Other employee-related lawsuits

Contract nonperformance can result when any professional service firm fails to live up to its
contractual duties, or errs in its obligations. This type of insurance coverage is sometimes
referred to as errors and omissions insurance. It protects you against professional
misjudgments that cause damage to others, and is typically not included in a basic liability
policy. Companies that perform professional services for others can make mistakes, misstate
facts, not communicate clearly and be misunderstood, or simply forget to do perform a duty.
An example of this type of policy would be insurance to cover surgery in which the doctor
used the wrong procedure or otherwise made a mistake, causing harm to the patient.

For areas relating to employee procedures and misjudgements, you can sometimes purchase
another type insurance policy called
Employment Practices Liability Insurance,
EPLI, to cover these types of claims.

Employment Practices Liability insurance cases against employers are on the rise. It is
currently estimated that three out of five companies will be sued by an employee or a
prospective employee. Firms are finding that they are vulnerable from the initial screening
process all the way through to the exit interview. Every employer faces the reality that it will
be the target of legal action from past, present and prospective employees at some point.
Even if the claim is groundless or fraudulent, the defense of a suit can be expensive in both
time and resources.

Director's and Officer's Liability
Directors & Officers Liability Insurance provides coverage for the directors and officers of
your company in the event that they are sued in conjunction with the performance of their
duties as related to the company. This type of insurance should be carried by both
corporations and non-profit entities.

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Builders Risk Coverage
This type of Insurance covers buildings in the course of construction. Depending on the
policy, this coverage can be for either the building's value at the time of loss or its full value at
the time of completion. It covers the contractor’s interest in materials at the job site before
they are installed, while they are in transit, and the value of the property under construction.
It may also provide coverage for losses due to ordinance or laws.